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    Battery Organizer with Energy Tester

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    Drawer Full Of Messy Old Batteries? Introducing The Battery Organizer with Energy Tester Keep Your Batteries Tidied, Organised, And Tested!  

    The tester works on the power of the battery you are testing. You can store it conveniently in a drawer, closet or you can mount it on the wall. 

    Made of durable plastic material helps keep your batteries organized and neatly stored. 


    Store it flat in a drawer or closet or mount it on the wall. Features a hinged clear cover. 


    Includes a removable battery tester that doesn't require a battery. Holds up to 93 different size batteries.AAA, AA, 9V, D type, C type, Flat Batteries.


    The lid utilizes shatter-resistant, transparent acrylic for full visibility without opening.


    Perfectly-sized placement without being too tight or snug to hold batteries securely but still easy to pull out.


    Product Specification

    Product Material: PP

    Product size: 30.5*8*5.6cm/12*3.14*2.2''

    Applicable Batteries: AAA, AA, 9V, D type, C type, Flat Batteries

    Package Include

    1 x Battery Organizer with Energy Tester

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