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    Front Desk Sleeping Nap Pillow

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    Front Desk Sleeping Nap Pillow

    The Front Desk Sleeping Nap Pillow allows you to have a comfortable nap position, relieves pressure to the neck, arm, & back to have energy for the long day ahead.

    ✔️ Not stuffy
    ✔️ Innovative
    ✔️ Convenient
    ✔️ Smooth curve
    ✔️ Table pillow
    ✔️ Hug nap concept

    The Front Desk Sleeping Nap Pillow gives the comfort of sleeping or taking a nap on a table or desk while you are at home, school, work, traveling, etc.

    The special pillow design is beneficial for your head, neck, and back to avoid discomfort and pain after a nap.

    Suitable for office workers and students who loved to take a nap in their break or free time.


    • ERGONOMIC - The pillow design allows you to have a comfortable nap position in your free time at work, school, travel, etc., to gather energy for the long day ahead.
    • UPGRADED DESIGN - The pillow's height gives a 40° angle for relaxation, a comfortable spine angle and avoids the pressure on the arm by placing it on the periphery in a simple cuddle design.
    • PILLOWCASE FABRICS - The Front Desk Sleeping Nap Pillow pillowcase uses breathable, non-slip wear-resistant cool cotton fabrics. A non-faded or pilling, quick-dry inner sleeve, healthy and clean with a hidden zipper, easy to remove and wash.

    • GIFT - An exquisite gift for your friends and family that will make them feel more comfortable and secure during every life's journey.
    • SLOW REBOUND MEMORY COTTON - Absorb the pressure of the human body, adjust the human body to a comfortable posture, and relieve pressures to the neck, arm, and back. The memory sponge is added with natural bamboo charcoal that is safe, environmental, and formaldehyde-free.


    • Material: Pure Cotton & Foam
    • Dimension: 41x22x16cm


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